English grammar in use ГДЗ

You say to him: His father is an engineer. How often do you go to the Zoo? The weather is nice now but it change later. This room is cleaned every day. Where are you going?

English Grammar in Use with Answers, Raymond Murphy

English Grammar in Use (With Answers)

You want to sell your car. When did they last visit you? They met a few days ago. You say to the shop assistant: Where does she work?

4c. Grammar in Use - Module 4

Cheese from milk. The park gates lock at 6.

English Grammar in Use Raymond Murphy 2nd ed

We lost the match but we Were you having; 4. Thank you for coming to see us. Are you leaving; 4. When did she last write to you?

They say it UNIT How long has your foot been hurting you? Now you want to have a look at it. He had a bath and then he went to bed.

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Did you go to the concert last night? There has never been a fire in the building.

English Grammar in Use with Answers, Raymond Murphy

Is there anything on the plate? You say to yourself: She had read the message carefully before she wrote the reply. What happened to you that evening? We use have to for facts, not for our personal feelings.

English Grammar in Use (With Answers) (Raymond Murphy)

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