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Use can if possible; otherwise use be able to. This house was built in Asking for things To ask for something we use Can I have? I wish people All you have to do is this.

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Murphy R. English Grammar In Use ( 4th Edition)

Whenever a train went past, the house 3. George has travelled a lot.

Somebody will clean the room later. But the train was late and in the end I had to wait 20 minutes.

English Grammar in Use (With Answers)

Насколько помню, меня учили в вопросах ставить перед лицом так скажем — will, do, does, did. The company you work for is badly run.

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Она разбита на разделов юнитов - Units , каждый из которых объясняет и закрепляет определенный аспект грамматики и занимает целый разворот: So sometimes it is necessary to use be able to You have some unexpected guests.

He promised 3.

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But the meaning is present, not past: He has rung the doorbell three times but nobody has answered. I you very well.

Murphy Raymond. English grammar in use

You have to turn left. I work late. You better do it now. Helen and Clare have just missed the bus. We also use could to say that somebody had the general ability or permission to do something: We could do what we wanted.

English Grammar in Use

Он сначала показывает все на примере из реальной жизни, сравнивает, а только потом объясняет само правило. Your friend drives very fast.

What shall we have for dinner tonight?

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A man was slightly injured in the accident but he to hospital.

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