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He must out. You can use these exercises for extra practice after you have studied and practised the grammar in the units concerned. In this example, Ann feels there is a real possibility that she will find the watch. Не важно каким изданием Вы пользуетесь, ищите информацию по названию темы. I wish it would stop raining. John has come to see you in your flat.

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Somebody accused me of stealing money.

English Grammar in Use (With Answers)

You ask the waiter: What sort of Job is it? You have walked very fast.

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You missed a great party last night. We must do something soon before it be too late. The room should have been cleaned.

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Laura had hurt her leg and walk very well. In the United States, elections for President every four years. The blue Murphy, как называют этот учебник учителя из Великобритании, пользуется заслуженным признанием как у преподавателей, так и у изучающих английский язык.

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Congratulations on passing your exam. I remember to post it. There are serious traffic problems in your town but they are building a new road.

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The woman next to you has finished reading her newspaper. You can also use normal present and past tenses: I have to phone my sister now. I have to wear glasses for reading.

You think the children should be in bed. Согласно правилам сайта , пользователям запрещено размещать произведения, нарушающие авторские права.

English Grammar in Use (Синий Murphy)

Учителя его тоже любят и часто используют в своей работе с учениками, что является еще одним аргументом в его пользу. You can also use would when you talk about things that happened regularly in the past: No, the police say it 6.

English Grammar in Use Raymond Murphy 2nd ed

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