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I said good-bye to Victor and started to cross the road. The plane had taken off when I drove to the airport. Изучая с нулевого уровня английский язык или совершенствуя уже полученные знания, полезно уделить повышенное внимание выбору УМК, материалы которого помогут прийти к заветной цели. She has been scrubbing the floors for three hours. He wrote those nice poems when he was having a holiday.

Название книги: English Grammar in Use

Is your mother a teacher? Yes, she has learnt it by heart.

Wrong - have broken; 6. Are you reading; 4.

Название книги: English Grammar in Use

Это значит, что вы последовательно будете переходить от простого к сложному и сможете потренировать различные аспекты одной и той же грамматического категории, например Present Simple или Passive Voice. Have you had, had; Will there be any interesting programmes on TV tomorrow? She is wearing a hat and a blue dress today.

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He stopped and picked up a rose. They are not ordered according to level of difficulty, so the book should not be worked through from beginning to end.

English Grammar in Use от R.Murphy — Легендарная грамматика английского языка

What does this sentence mean? My friends from Sheffield are cpming to see me next Sunday. He wrote those nice poems when he was having a holiday.

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My sister studies at the Medical college. This new edition is thoroughly updated and revised to accompany the third edition of English Grammar in Use.

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Are you doing; 6. It started to snow when I was going downstairs. Is there anything on the plate?

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When did you last go to Canada?

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